Forensic services

Computer criminals always leave tracks, it’s just a matter of time before they become visible. The process to uncover these tracks is not always easy. As the evolution in computer technology goes on, computers and other communication systems become very complicated and better connected through all kinds of complex network systems. At the same time, computer crime techniques become more sophisticated and better coordinated. If evidence collection is done correctly , it is much more useful in apprehending the criminal , and stands a much greater chance of being admissible in the event of a prosecution. In the eyes of one of our skilled computer forensics experts, deleted does not mean un-recoverable.  Hidden or deleted items become retrievable and the big picture becomes clearer, if not clear.

Using the latest forensic tools and techniques, ForensicGuy / Data Rescue Labs investigation team is able to conduct an examination and provide a profile of usage.  We separate facts from fiction.


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